Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Important decisions


This is a bit of a self indulgent post so I am sorry in advance.

Edinburgh yarn festival is fast approaching and i have some huge decisions to make, not what to wear, not what to buy no! oh no no no no, what projects to bring. Is anyone else putting too much energy into this decision?
The main questions that are rattling about my head are for a start, what project to bring ? and do i bring more than one?
For some reason a simple project like socks is really appealing to me because I will be on a train there and back, there will be knitting at the show, meal times, bed times and mad party times. Also will i actually do that much knitting?s or will i infact only knit about 2 rows over three days. im going to pack more than one. am i? yes, because imagine going to a yarn festival and finishing a project and not being able to acquire materials to start another....i mean really!
Guys i really need your sensible heads to help me decide what to take.

Clare Devine Stride
So there is no question that this project will not be left at home. I have a skein of Rusty Ferret in Game over that is shouting at me to be used and I really want to turn it into the newest pattern by Clare Devine, Stride, those teeny faux cables are just winning my heart right now! so that's a definite.

L-R: Starman by Helen Reed, Honeycomb Cables by Louise Tilbrook, Reasons to be Cheerful by Rachel Atkinson,
Dotted Rays by Stephen West
But then there is the emergency project, and possibly the back up emergency project. These are the projects I keep coming back to, should it be something other than socks? are those two sock patterns too complex for chatting and knitting? What happens if i have to stand on the train? these are all important considerations! any feed back would be much appreciated.

Tarsi by Clare Devine
I have also been rooting about the stash and found a ball of really old Colinette Jitterbug in the colourway toucan, and it has been sitting about the coffee table pleading to be turned into some socks. I was thinking Tarsi by Clare Devine, I really do love a Devine pattern. If you havnt used one yet i highly recomend it. so beautifully written and a joy to follow.

Any way those are the ramblings that are floating through my head at the moment ,does anyone have any pearls of wisdom? do i need more than one project? which project? What projects do you have planned for over the weekend? How do you guys choose your projects for events? 


  1. You need something which doesn't require much thought, on dpns or circs. Because you're going to be chatting away and ogling other people's WIPs, and really you just want something to keep your fingers busy. Plus something more interesting to keep your brain occupied on the train. So, a project with a mindless stitch pattern (or an easily fixed one!), and something with an exciting stitch.

    1. thats what i am thinking. but now in my head i want to do a stephen west spectra as a sample! When did life get this hard!!!

  2. I would take soocks, socks I have had as a WIP for awhile but almost finished. Plus a cowl because I love cowls. Here's the thing though, whatever you take make sure you have plenty of space, in your suitcase, for all the goodies you will be aquiring. Please share all your purchases on Twitter too. P.S. Love those faux cables too.

    1. im deffinatly thinking socks and a shawl (i love a good shawl)
      Im coming home by train so luggage volume is not an issue :D oh dont worry, i will be posting ALL WEEK!!! you wont be able to miss me!