Thursday, 17 March 2016

When knit night takes over : Lifesciences


So while im watching every one excitedly leave for Edinburgh and arrive in Edinburgh, I thought to help me pass the time i would share the photos from last weeks knit night take over.
We were invited down to the life sciences "the street" as part of the Women in Science festival that runs every year up here in sunny Dundee.
The guys had been building a #giantcell and we were there to glamour the place up and maybe add a few pom poms or finger knitting to the sculpture.
I have to admit i was mostly excited by the giant white desk, the door buzzer and the wheely seats! We had a fab night, lots of knitting, plenty tea and biscuits were consumed, and i really enjoyed being in the space, such a huge airy, clean bit. I have no idea what its like to work in there but i enjoyed the peace and quiet. Also never give knitters a badge maker, you will end up with pure hunners of sheep badges! Right i shall leave you with my random photos while i anxiously wait for my Sceles to dry! IT NEEDS TO BE PACKED!















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