Friday, 4 March 2016

Interview - Yarns From the Plain


I am so excited to officially announce that one of fluphs favourite Indie dyer is coming back for a second visit! Yarns from the Plain will be back on 
Wednesday 25th May

2pm - 8pm
Nic will be here with her beautiful array of freshly dyed yarn, and scrummy fibre. I cant wait to have a proper catch up as the last time i saw Nic was at woolfest 2015 and i was in a very sleepy zombie state and didn't really know who was accosting me in front of the ripplescrafts stall. Last year Nic answered a few questions for me, which yesterday i realised i hadn't posted (bad bad LJ) so lets find out a little bit more about Yarns from the Plain

First i must ask, what are you doing this end of the country? anything exciting planned?
I'm on my way up to John O'Groats for the Caithness Craft Retreat, hosted by Louise from the Caithness Craft Podcast. I kept hearing about how lovely Fluph was from Jo, the host of the Shinybees podcast, so since I was taking the shop up to Caithness, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to come and say hello!


What made you start dying yarn?

It first started years ago when I won a raffle prize of some undyed sock yarn and KoolAid sachets. I enjoyed it, so then took a workshop with Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft and Design. I dabbled a bit, dyeing yarns and fibres for myself, but had so much fun I couldn't stop. About 18 months ago I took a surplus to a Spinning Guild meeting to test the reaction. The members were grabbing the yarns and fibre out of my hands before I could even put them out! This reassured me that others would like my colour ways, so I carried on.

so what is currently on your needles?

Too many things! I have a horrible habit of starting things and getting distracted! However I am currently working solely on a Hansel Hap, by Shetland Trader, as part of the Knit British hap-a-long. I'm using one of my new bases, Wildboarclough, a North Ronaldsay 2ply. It's toothy and just right for a hap!

How do you take your tea/ coffee?

Decaffeinated! Tea is milk and two sugars, coffee is just milk, but I usually drink coffee.

Favourite cake?
Ooh, tough one! Either ginger or coffee and walnut I think. But cake is cake and I've not yet met a cake I didn't like!

Dogs or cats?
Cats. I've shared my life with both, though and they each have their own merits! I would like a dog again, but it wouldn't be fair on my elderly cat.

What draws you to a yarn?
That's hard to answer. Sometimes it might be the colour, but other times it will be the smooshiness. I love working with Blue Faced Leicester.

Tell me what your stash is like?

Out of control!

So apart from yarnygoodness, do you have a passion for anything else?

Weaving, reading and cake!


A massive thank you to Nic for answering my daft questions and make sure you mark the date in your diarys!

Lj out!

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