Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Shameful Secret

That made you all click over here, Sorry!
So my name is Leona, and i'm a start-aholic! I currently have ten projects on the go or that need to be done before Christmas (knitty peeps, yes i have added stuff as well Christmas presents! - yeah thats clever LJ just add projects on, give yourself more work) I was down to nine, eeps. Thats also not to mention the projects that are bagged up with a pattern and yarn, but havnt been started, but they dont count right, nope nope, they do not count!
So my plan at the start of December was to actually complete all the projects i have started before i go off for Christmas (23rd) so that i can cast on my Christmas project, which will be a Sceles by Anna Maltz, and yes she is kind of my hero at the moment (dont tell her i said that! there will be basement rumors!) I fell in love with Miss Ginger Twists one back at the IBYC this year and was like, WANT GRABBY HANDS!
Anyway back to the plan. I thought this goal was achievable, its really not! Oh man why! does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone else set any ridiculous crafting goals? does anyone else have a Christmas project that they work on over the holidays? Does anyone else just want to crawl into their stash and cast on four more things? DESIGNERS STOP RELEASING PATTERNS FOR A FEW WEEKS!
Right Shame myself time!

Right Project number one is my fingerless gloves knit in stunning White birch fibre arts (Louise Pants sent me it from America.) I started these dudes on the 15th of September when i popped through to Edinburgh for the Yarn Festival meet up, they literally need three fingers done! If these are not done by tomorrow, then SHAME! SHAME ON YOU LJ!

Next up is Itaca by Stephen West started on May the 2nd, I fell in love with this shawl after fondling it at Loop in London, i am however thinking about frogging this bad boy as like my Mahy i think i have knitted it on too small needles and it will be super small. Still not 100% sure if i will pull it out or not. but a shawl, with sea shells! WHAT

Christmas socks (Dave by Rachel Coopey) in the limited edition West Yorkshire Spinners holly berry. The deal was all of our knitty committee would knit a pair and all have matching socks....SUPER CUTE!  however Diane and I are totally slacking, since i took this photo however i just need to do the heel on sock one and actually do the second. Can i knit a sock in a week and a half? probably, am i going to, probably not. I should really try harder! 

My doodler (The Doodler: Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2015by Stephen West) , oh how this started off with good intentions. i was on track with the first clue....then i wasnt! When did the KAL start? October no it was novemeber, i have no idea how i dropped the ball on this one. I cant forsee this being done before the 23rd, maybe it should be the first one i work on after the new year?

The last photo of a project i can show you is my Scollay (Scollay by Karie Westermann) oh dear the most shameful, i started this on the 18th of July for the scollay along...yup...this was my main project i wanted finished, it languished about in a bag after i had cast on the ribbing, then about October i decided to pop it on my knitting machine. BOOM. that was stressful, knitting machines are really difficult bits of equipment. ANYWAY i just need to graft the last oxter (underarm) weave in ends, plop on some buttons and steam out the seams (the joys of knitting machines) and done. Again if this isnt done this evening i will be pretty miffed. 

Projects i cant really show you or tell you what they are due to them being Christmas Presents, but i can tell you i have three things to knit for presents, and a scarf that i promised a friend :/ i am an epic fail of a friend SORRY  STEPHEN!  Oh also a shawl for my mum from some Rusty ferret she bought. not so urgent to get done, but yeah.

I will check back in on the 23rd and update you with whats been done and what hasnt! Some one please beat me if i havnt done at least half of these! 

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