Friday, 4 December 2015

Why spend your money here?

As some of you may be aware this Saturday is small business Saturday. My head is in two places with this concept as yeah spend money locally, support us tiny businesses that work 24/7 on our little shops that are our life and love. help us stay open, help us grow and get better, help us get in stock that you want, help us still be here! We do what we do because we love it and we love you.
So yeah spend your money locally on Saturday, I urge it. You have no idea how much it means to us to have people in. but at the same time, the same as everything, we should really do it all year round, I have the same view on Valentines day. But I really need to stop being so cynical as if on that one day you pop into your local gift shop and buy your card there instead of Tesco, or come to me for those needles instead of hopping online, or even just supporting your local takeaway (Mr fluph take note) It makes a difference. You will probably read more posts like this over the upcoming days but I just wanted to say Thank you for sticking with me all year round! for leaving bum marks on my sofa, and cheering me up with your happy faces. I really appreciate it!

So for small business Saturday i am going to make up some goodie bags, filled with fun little bits (I haven't really got myself organised yet so I have no idea what will end up in them) but yeah for every person that comes in and spends £20 you can have a goodie bag on me to say thank you!

We also have our Saturday Knit group on that day which is our last of 2015, so feel free to come and remake your sofa bum mark, eat some cake and LOTS of tea!

Also check out what else is going on around the city. There are like a thousand craft markets going on, so you could do a bit of a crawl and then end with some tea and cake.

Creative Dundee have put together a post on what's happening this weekend and they say it better than i can!

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