Wednesday, 23 December 2015

So how did she get on?


So its my last day in the shop, and im sitting here avoiding doing the things that i should actually be doing before i leave, instead im sitting clock watching. Productive! Its been a quiet day today, why was i expecting other half's in buying gift vouchers? i even took out a massive pile! Anyway, how did everyone get on with their Christmas knitting? From our knitty circle i know that everyone is done, well minus one blanket, but that was the recipients fault for redecorating. I am pleased to say a massive chunk of my list is done. My knitted gifts are all done, well two, the other ones were not working out as magical as my head had planned, so i bought something instead....but thats ok, i was getting to that super stressed out point where i was reverting back to being a stroppy teenager, it was mr fluph that said and i quote "stop stressing and go work on something you enjoy" aw isnt he a keeper. 

So the scollay ITS DONE! but, um, its giant, third cardigan i have knitted, and its huge, the same as the other two. I dont know what i did, Shinybees and Knitbritish measured me. I gauge swatched and it matched, i got several opinions on which size to knit AND ITs STILL TOO BIG! So in future im going to knit a medium and it should fit, right? maybe?
I think (apart from the mahoosive sleeves) it can be saved, Theresa from knit night ( she is the most amazing knitter) says if i sewing machine the sides in it should pull it all in and fit ok. So instead of pulling it out i shall do that. And then i think Karina will beat me the next time she sees me.

THE RAINBOW GLOVES OF HAPPINESS ARE FINISHED! and i love them so much! and thats all i need to say on the matter, the photo up top kind of says it all!

My Westy seashell shawl is going to be ripped out! I think to compensate for my loose knitting i have gone to too small a needle. so out it comes!

Christmas socks are packed ready for my car knitting this eve, the first one still needs a heel, but its cool, maybe after two hours in the car i will be down to the toe :D that would make me super happy. 
Lastly my doodler well, i dont want to talk about it! its slow.

Right im off, i have dishes and hoovering to do,  also some accounts stuff i want to organise.
stop putting it off LJ just get it ready to stomp off

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