Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Karina Westermann comes to Dundee

I'm still on a buzz after our visit from Karina who brought so much glamour to the west end of Dundee on Saturday. She has taken a very early and long bus journey up to teach to very eager students how to overcome their fear of lace!
Now when chatting to people about Lace, it is widely assumed that you use one ply yarn making very extravagant shawls like those traditionally found in Shetland. I would like to abolish that myth now. knitting lace, as Karina puts it, is
                    "strategically placed holes."

You can knit lace in any thickness of yarn and make the most gorgeous hats/ mits/ shawls, cardis anything you can imagine. This beautiful specimen below for example, this is shawl is a lace shawl! beautiful huh....and not scary!

Anyway that's enough of me righting the wrongs of the world. The class was a small one, which meant that they got to learn a lot more than planned, which included designing their own lace...I even gave it a go....it needed more holes :/    
The shop was also filled with shawls, so many shawls, I made it my mission to wear as many as possible. The total reached four before anyone noticed! Karina is such an amazing tutor, one of the students just messaged me a photo of some lace knitting that they started and its beautiful! Both girls did such a good job. Madam Westermann will be back on the 13th of September to teach colour work (see the last photo of the wristes) I urge EVERYONE to book on, one because Karina is amazing, Two because colour work is so in this season, and three, she wont be back until Spring :(






Botanical Gardens by Karina Westermann


Gillean Wrist Warmers by Karina Westermann

p.s She was a little bit creeped out by the "shrine" (information board) that i had made for her classes! 


  1. Love your hair (and selfie pout)..looks like I missed a great day. Hope to sign up for next lace workshop!

    1. i have the pout down! lol. It was ace, you will deff have to make it next time! if the shrine didnt scare her off :/