Saturday, 2 August 2014

the Queen of socks came to visit


So last Saturday the sock Queen that is Clare Devine came through to sunny Dundee to pass on her socky knowledge. I may have gotten a little overly excited when she showed me all her tiny sock samples, Tiny socks! they are the cutest thing. not to mention the tiny sock blockers!  
Much fun was had, lots of tea consumed, plenty cake eaten and  we also learnt how many different types of heels there are and for what purpose you would use them! The favourite seemed to be the Alan Partridge heel. The thing i really enjoyed was (apart from all the teeny socks) was listening to Clare teach, this woman knows her stuff, but she is very approachable if you need to ask questions, and the south african accent! Do you think she would read me bed time stories? Is that creepy? ANYWAY, all of the students left with teeny socks of their own, and even though the heavens had opened they all left with a smile on their faces, and Clare with a clarkies in her belly! 








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