Saturday, 26 July 2014



So has everyone been enjoying this beautiful weather? It has been great, sitting out in Mr fluph's old's (granparents) garden until about 10pm huddled under my new shawl with a lovely bottle of cider and some knitting. Perfect.

Back to our summer shawltacular, look at this beaut! This awesome specimen is a lacy baktus, (which is a free pattern) whiped up by Madam Hannah. The GREAT thing about this shawl is that it is worked to match however much yarn you have, Perfect for something like a Zauberball. This one was worked up in a crazy Zauberball that gives a lovely mottled colour change, bright and beautiful, a perfect wee shawl for throwing over your shoulders to keep the Scottish sun off whilst you watch the games down in the city square, or wrapped under your coat to hap yer bits in the winter.




There is also a plain Baktus that doesn't have any holes which is great for a beginner project!


  1. I did one but misjudged the middle of my yarn and didn't quite have enough to do the last few rows. Fuming! Lol. A W.I.P i must remedy soon. Very quick easy knit.

    1. oh nose!!!
      you going to rip it back? or a matching ish yarn? i think id have to pull it back!