Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Man its been a long time no chat! Its been super busy here at fluph HQ, we even changed the window! HUZAH. (just look at that saucy dehumidifier)
It is the glorious month of SOCKTOBER. Alas, what is socktober? is it an excuse to knit socks all month, why yes, yes it is! It is also a month long event in America where sock knitting individuals donate socks to give the homeless cosy toes. isn't that just the best thing. After a quick Google, i couldn't find anything based in the UK, however there are plenty worthy causes that would adore your hand knits, an up to date list here , or just knit some socks for someone special in their life. pass the sock love around!



Lots of new smooshyness in the shop. We have 4ply West Yorkshire spinners, i cant even tell you how smooshy this is, and the bird self stripe is just so beautiful. Also there is a drops delivery on the way, finally! so give that a week or so and we will be filled to the gunnels*


We have also stocked up on some patterns and pattern books. My current fave has to be "head to toe" by my girl crush Clare Devine, there are so many GORGEOUS patterns in this book, and they are all modelled by my other girl crush Jess of Ginger Twist in Edinburgh. The last photo in the book is the best.
I currently have completed a Montrose, but i really need a Brunswick and the rest. but shhhh, lets not talk about my to do list.


There are some fantastic workshops coming up which can all be booked online at in the workshops tab. Or you can come in and see my happy face, which i always love...seeing your faces, not looking at my face. 


Seamless Top-down Jumpers with Karina Westermann
25th October 2014 , 10.30am - 4.30pm
£45 which includes all materials and lunch
Together we will look at top-down construction. Knowing the basic top-down structure allows you to play around with your pattern as you like - we'll look at examples of both jumpers & cardigans that use this construction method. During the workshop we'll knit a tiny jumper that uses all the techniques you need to know to knit yourself a full-size


Socks:An introduction with Clare Devine
8th November , 10am – 1pm
£35 which includes all materials
This is the perfect class for those wanting to get to grips with the basics of sock construction. In class you will create a mini sock and learn all the skills you need to knit your own top down socks. Suitable for beginners

"finishing School” with Clare Devine
8th November ,2pm – 5pm
£35 which includes all materials
Dont fall at the last hurdle. Finish your knitted items with style and make the most of your gorgeous knitting. This workshop is perfect if you want to brush up on your finishing skills.

Off to finish some more giant crochet. watch this space.

*filled to the gunnels in doric means jam packed

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