Thursday, 17 April 2014

New squishy stuff of the sock kind!

New yarn new yarn we have some new yarn! So many colours, yuuum! Right so we have topped up the crazy zauberballs with some funky new colours, shall we look closer?

One of the grey and green MAY have jamp into my stash pile, and by may have, it totally has! 

We are all about the sock yarn this update. This beautiful set of specimens is Lang Jawoll sock yarn. the magic thing about these, apart from their stunning colours, is each ball (roll?) comes with a wee bobbin or reinforcement thread for the heels and toes. Perfect! could also be saved for darning if you end up with your big toe poking out! 

More Zauberballs (crikey i may have a wee crush!) this time its Zauberball Gradient, its like a Zauberball but thicker, Aran weight actually! and its oh so soft! I can see them eyeing me from where I sit, but no I shall resist! 

These cheeky chaps are missing their colour. oh nose! if you are of the dyer persuasion this stuff would be perfect for whipping up socks of your own colour. 

So I have been saving the best of this socky bunch till last. 

These my lovelies are flying saucers. These magical creations, i cant even put into words how awesome they are. Basically these are dyed so you get two socks of identical colour with this crazy intergalactic wave pattern. ALSO on the inside of the label you get a free sock pattern. I'm sold, in fact that's what I will be casting on at knit night this evening. 

LOOK AT THEM! I will just leave those here while I go and do some crochet.

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