Friday, 2 May 2014


Soak has landed in fluph. But what is soak Leona? So you know that wonderful lace shawl that needs blocked, or the well loved pair of knit socks that need a wash, what do we not do with them? put them in the washing machine. Why? because they will felt! Correct, we hand wash our hand-knits and crochet. This stuff is like washing powder, but its specifically for using alongside delicate bits, (no not those bits!) You only need a teaspoon to every gallon of water, it cleans that precious item and it makes it smell DIVINE! oh my word, they should be perfume! It doesn't even need rinsed.

The big bottle that does a massive 75 washes is £14.95 and the wee one that does 18 washes is only £8.95. Come down and have a sniff! your yarn will thank you for it!!

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