Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Have you guys seen our new window display? NO! Its amazing. It was knitted by my super talented friend Angela (my new aunty) and its here for the women into science festival being held all over, but Dundee are holding some awesome events to celebrate! One of which is a knit night on the 13th, right here in fluph. 6pm until 8pm, its completely free, there will be tea and coffee (i even have decaffeinated). There will be free science knitting patterns, and lots of chat! 

But back to the window. (let me push my specs up to inform you about the science bit) the window shows the inside of our blood stream when dealing with the sleeping sickness, (this is what area of science Angela works in), we have red blood cells, white ones, Trypanosomes, the flu virus, and Colin the DNA helix! Angela has also put on display two of her super awesome scarves showing DNA strands, one of which is an optical illusion...ooooOOOoOOoh!

Please nip past the window and have a look, its too cool! I hope some of you can make it along on Thursday night, and check out the women into science website and facebook page!

OH also, Angela was just on BBC radio Scotland talking about the festival and doing some cheeky knitting. I will put up a link to the interview as soon as i have it!

Right, off to do more Easter knitting!

Edited to add the link to Angela's interview with BBC radio Scotland about the women into science festival! She is amazing!  Link scroll along to 40:50 

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