Thursday, 28 November 2013

carpets and paint

So today was meant to be my entry date. Turns out there is still another lease to sign, typical, me jumping the gun. Oh well it just gives me more time to organise more of the behind the scene stuff.  I still got everything i needed done today, which was store all the paint, a chair and the till in the shop and get the carpets cleaned. Oh my word, they were proper rank! Luckily i know someone who is super good at carpet cleaning, madam Sarah. Just look at these photos! I really couldn't get over the mucky water that came out of the cleaning machine.

Paint, So as I said in the last post I would keep you up to date with the paint situation. I ended up venturing into one of the industrial estates in Dundee to visit the Dulux centre, where the most helpful lady held my hand (not actually) and I walked away with the most perfect shade of grey paint for my outside, and a cheeky 10% discount, i believe for looking so scared!
The rest of the paint i acquired through BnQ using the old mans old people discount and a huge buy one get one half price on all the paint i got. Massive savings. Im so excited about all the money im saving, being not very good with my own finances, im being super careful with the shops.

Anyhows, I'm sure you are all super bored with my paint chat, ooooh look clean carpets!!!

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