Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Knit 1, Bike 1

photo property of create with fibre

I would like to introduce you to someone whom i met at this years Edinburgh Yarn festival. Janet and i were brought together by the force of Jeni (who can often be found behind a camera on the floor of the shop), Jeni was raving that this lady was going to be cycling around Scotland and teaching knit workshops along the way, which would culminate in a book and exhibition, and i should really get her to come to fluph and do a workshop. Me being me was like yeah sounds awesome, I went on to meet Janet (and her very cool bike pictured above) and we discussed her taking a little detour into Dundee to spend an evening with us!  

In Janets words from her website about her project

              "Cycle round Scotland and leave the car at home! - Scottish textile artists unite!- Make quirky artwork with fibre and yarn! Connect with others by giving free workshops in exchange for a bed for the night/hot meal! Have an exhibition! AND write a book about it all. That's Janet's vision for Knit 1 Bike 1...

She will knit and crochet whatever she sees on her travels, such as cars, frogs, slugs, takeaway cartons, midges, wildlife, and mountains.
Janet has already crocheted a Brompton folding bicycle like the one she will use to get around Scotland, several worms, caterpillars, sheeps horns, spiders..."

So if this all sounds like your cup of tea, Janet will be at fluph on Monday the 3rd of August from 7pm until 9pm,
the format of the evening will be very close to Knit night, with a talk from Janet herself about the trip so far, and then we will eat cake and drink lots of tea, Janet will also be on hand to show anyone any new techniques, or help with problems, or even start off a beginner. 

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