Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Karina is Back

I am so happy to announce that the epicness that is Karina Westermann is back teaching at fluph. 
All classes are avalible to book online at!workshops/c1faw ,
 in the shop or over the phone at 01382 690190. All classes must be booked and payed for in advance. 
If you missed the chance of a class with Karina at the EYF, this is your chance. 


Date : Saturday the 7th March 2015
Time: 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Where: fluph
Price: £35 which includes all materials
Level: Confident knitters.

Karie Westermann will walk you through all the techniques you need in order to incorporate beads into any knitting project. You will learn how to choose the right beads for your project, which technique to use when, and how to care for your beaded projects. This class includes a beaded cuff project as well as pointers on how to use beads in colourwork and lace projects.


Date : Saturday the 7th March 2015
Time: 10.15am - 1.15pm
Where: fluph
Price: £35 which includes all materials

For crochet:

Are you a knitter who is mystified by crochet? Fed up seeing knitting patterns that use crochet? Feeling slightly scared by using just a hook to create thing?

This workshop will teach you the essential crochet stitches, read a crochet pattern, understand crochet terminology and then show you just how crochet can be applied to your knitting.

Together with Karie Westermann, you will learn the basic stitches and the terminology - as well as explore how to combine knitting and crochet.

Date : Saturday the 2nd May 2015
Time: 10.15am - 4.15pm
Where: fluph
Price: £45 which includes all materials and lunch

Learn how to knit colourwork with perfect tension. The class includes instruction on two-handed colourwork techniques (incl. Brief introduction to continental knitting) and how to choose the perfect colours using colour theory.

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