Thursday, 5 November 2015

A new direction

Boss fluph in Adelie hat

No not one direction, come on I'm a rocker at heart, although there was a patchy spot of Boyzone and Steps worshipping...something my other half will never let me forget.
This blog has become a bit stale, lets all admit it, I find it really difficult to blog as the business as i feel it should be about the hard sell, which if anyone knows me knows i hate that! I am also very sure that you guys hate it too!

So i pose the question, what would you like to read? do you have any questions for me, about me, the business, yarn questions, tutorials, tips? Tell me! Feed me your thoughts! I have a few ideas whizzing around in my smooshy brain.
  • Why are circular needles some knitters nightmare, and how to slay these beasts?
  • Ravelry, what is it and how to use it?
  • What is the obsession with hand knitted socks?
  • How to not come across as a creep when asking someone if they will live in your basement?
  • How can I convince Mr fluph to buy me another dog?
  • What is happening up on the Blackness Road?
So go for it, leave me a comment with your questions. facebook, twitter, instagram, email


  1. Continental vs English method, circular swatching methods, favourite podcasts??

    1. i will add those to the list! :) thank you so much!