Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Got Bob??


Did you know we got bob?* 
But LJ, what does that even mean??

Is everyone familiar with the awesome online space that is Ravelry? hands up? most of you? If not, Rav (as we like to call it) is a wonderful place, I liken it to the knitters (crochet, spinners and weavers) version of Facebook....just because people understand what Facebook is. It however, is so much more than that, you do have to sign up with an email address, but its totally free and you can give as much or as little personal information as you like (bonus!) Once singed up you get access to their VAST pattern search, yarn search, forums...yes you can have a chat with Ysolda, or dye for yarn AND my fave bit because I love a bit of organisation, you can keep track of your stash and what you are working on. Go check it out! 

Back to my initial point, fluph has Ravelry instore sales. that means that you can pop in and buy that pattern via fluph. 
But why would you do that instead of doing it at home?
Well not only will you be supporting the designer that wrote the pattern (we need to keep them fed so they keep making bad ass patterns) 
but fluph also gets a wee percentage too, so also supporting your local yarn store so I can keep buying in beautiful yarn.
Whats also really cool is if you have a Ravelry account I can send your newly purchased pattern to your library (like you would if you did it at home) I can also email you a copy if you dont have rav, AND print you out a copy to save on your ink. 

Another awesome thing that fluph can do is negate the use of loveknitting for those of us living in Europe. You may have noticed due to the VatMoss debackle that certain patterns are not readily available to you guys any more, i still have access as they know where i live (eeps)  so you can still buy them via fluph without the hassles of emailing the designer, therefore you can cast on NOW! 

do you got bob?

*bob is Ravelry's mascot, he is such a cutie!


  1. Well done that lassie! Great service to offer. Still planning my first ever visit to Fluph (i know, im so behind the times..sorry!). Heard such great things. My Rav and IRL friend has promised me a yarny road trip. You are my destined port of call. See you then!

    1. aw thanks mrs!
      Aw cant wait for you to visit!! i will ensure the kettle is on :)