Thursday, 23 October 2014

Clare Devine is in the building

The magnificent Clare Devine has only gone and gotten herself published, and we have all of her books and single patterns right here in fluph! 

Head to toe is the perfect book to help wrap yourself in that special skien sitting looking at you from your stash. Or more specifically a single skein of Ginger's Hand dyed.


Sock Anatomy A collection of nine patterns featuring different heels and toes. A fantastic way to explore new sock knitting techniques while creating gorgeous mini socks.

The great thing about these books (and not just that they are packed full with awesome patterns) You get a free digital download code so that you don't get your book all messed up. Love a download code! 


I have knitted up Montrose in our Jawoll, but i am currently working away on a Brunswick in my new fave West Yorkshire Spinners....must...knit....faster.....


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