Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A trip to the big city!

So on Saturday I left the shop in the hands of my awesome Mr fluph and his doggy sidekick, hopped a train and skipped off to Edinburgh for the first ever, Indie Burgh Yarn crawl, organised by my fave red head Jess of ginger twist

First of all can i say how much i love trains. I'm not sure if its the fact that i am not really keen on driving long distance (not that i get scared driving, i get really bored and want to be there already, which makes me drive faster) or the fact that i can sit and knit for an hour! Probably the hour of knitting! 

First stop on the list was Be Inspired fibres. (which was a short walk from Waverly up Lothain road) As soon as i had my head round the door I was pounced on by Clare, she is so much fun! I also bumped into the fabulous Ms Old Maiden Aunt and the luscious Karie Westermann
I adored be inspired fibres, such a lovely space filled with really smooshy yarns, and i fell in love with this cute wee fox in the window! I WANT ONE!  

The plan after be inspired was to head to Kathys knits, HOWEVER Clare and i decided that a Wagamama was a far better idea, so we stuffed our faces and had a little bit of world domination chat. 
Clare then kidnapped me to take me down to the main reason of my trip, to finally visit Ms Ginger Twists Studio, OH MY WORD! her shop is amazing! 

I mean look at that wall of hand dyes! There is also met the super cute Susan Crawford. Who does the most fantastic vintage patterns, totally kicking myself for not picking up this pattern for a gorgeous scarf pattern. But back to Jess's shop! it is so cute, and packed with the most gorgeous yarn. We then toddled off to the pub, where i was surrounded by the most talented knitters.  Then sadly it was time for me to head home. 

My haul! Well i was only planning on buying one skein to match with something i had in my stash, however when i was in be inspired fibres the green Malibrigo and the blue stainless steel yarn just had to  come home with me, i would love to combine them, but i think the green would make such a cute chunky hat with a giant pom pom, but for now i will just pet you! 
Then at Ginger Twists, i got my match up yarn in her hand dyed luscious 4ply in colour-way dove, its STUNNING! so i cant wait to cast on with that. AND i treated myself to Anna Wilkinson's book which has so many cute patterns (this book is not just for beginners, it takes you from beginner right up to jumpers and fairisle) Will need to put in an order for the shop.

Anyway, i had the BEST day thank you to everyone i met for making me feel so welcome and to Clare for looking after me and of course Jess for organising such a fab event! I will be back next year (but i will visit the shop sooner!) And of course to Mr fluph and hairy Arthur for looking after fluph. 

GO VISIT the yarn shops in Edinburgh, they are ace! well equally as ace as the ones we have here in Dundee! 

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